A few months ago, after almost 1.5 years of searching for our family home, my husband and I decided we couldn’t do it alone anymore. The endless open houses, slimy real estate agents, being outbid at auctions, every single time and feeling like we were out of our depth in real estate negotiations, made us look into hiring a buyers agent. A buyers agent is someone who acts on behalf of the buyer to secure a home based on certain criteria. The minute I met Henny, I knew she was my kind of gal. She listened to our needs, gave us invaluable advice while bouncing my toddler on her knee and petting my dog Finn, who was only 8 weeks old at the time. She was able to start sending us potentials homes that she thought were worth looking at, saving me so much time! A few months later, we secured our family home in which we will be moving in at the end of January. With a new home in the mix, I didn’t notice a beautiful new friendship developing. Henny is such a bright and bubbly person, I immediately felt drawn to her. We have children around the same age and similar dogs, although her Murphy is a lot older than my Finn. Her constant bubbly personality and fun side make her such a wonderful person to spend time with. She always has an interesting perspective on an issue and I enjoy listening to her ideas and thoughts about everything from toilet training to job satisfaction.

As a mum, it is often hard to find the time to meet people. Lots of our friends from our past life dwindle away, as they have their own lives and families. The ones without children don’t understand why it can sometimes take a day to respond to a message or why you can’t talk on the phone for an hour on their way home from work. Mums of similarly aged children get it, however, breaking into already established groups of mums can be tough. I was pleasantly surprised when a friendship blossomed out of what was a professional relationship in its initial stages with Henny. So much so that we regularly have dinners out, catch up over trashy TV and share a love of furniture shopping. Henny and I couldn’t be more different in many ways, I am what you might call high maintenance and she is relatively low maintenance yet we have so much fun together. It has made me realise that new and exciting friendships can be found in the unlikeliest of places and it helps to open yourself to such experiences.



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